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MyCretaCab - Heraklion port, Koule fortress


Distance from Chania: 144 km Activities: Sightseeing, visits to museums Download the guide: Android App, Ios App Amenities: Accommodation, food, drink, entertainment, port, airport Website: Heraklion is the largest […]

MyCretaCab - Rethymno


Distance from Heraklion: 80 km Distance from Chania: 69 km Activities: Sightseeing and visits to museums, Rethymnon Carnival Information: Archaeological, Folklore and Ecclesiastical Museum and Gallery Amenities: Accommodation, food, drink, […]

MyCretaCab - Plakias


Distance from Heraklion: 114 km Distance from Chania: 92 km Activities: Water sports, diving, gorge exploration, hiking, horseback riding Information: Shallow, calm waters, nudist beach, turtle shelter Amenities: Accommodation, food, […]

MyCretaCab - Fragkokastelo beach


Distance from Heraklion: 134 km Distance from Chania: 80 km Activities: Water sports, visit to the castle Best time to visit: Summer, early morning to see the Drosoulites [dew shadows]. […]

MyCretaCab Elafonisi


Distance from Heraklion: 213 km Distance from Chania: 76 km Activities: Water sports, ideal for fishing and snorkeling Best time to visit: Summer Information: Shallow, calm waters, caretta-caretta shelter Amenities: […]

Dictean Cave [Diktaion Andron]

Distance from Heraklion: 60 km Distance from Chania: 199 km Opening hours: Summer 08:00-20:00 Winter 08:00-15:00 Amenities: Parking lot, taverns in the surrounding area Dictean Cave is located on the […]

MyCretaCab - Seitan Limania

Seitan Limania [Stefanou Beach]

Distance from Heraklion: 156 km Distance from Chania: 20 km Activities: Rappelling Best time to visit: Summer, if you do not like the crowds: mid-fall Information: Deep waters, walking, crowds […]


Distance from Heraklion: 152 km Distance from Chania: 292 km Activities: Snorkeling, visit to the palm forest Best time to visit: Summer Amenities: Food, water, organized beach The Vai palm […]

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