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Distance from Heraklion: 156 km

Distance from Chania: 20 km

Activities: Rappelling

Best time to visit: Summer, if you do not like the crowds: mid-fall

Information: Deep waters, walking, crowds

Amenities: None, get your own water and food

Stefanou beach or Seitan Limania in Chania is one of the three bays formed by the sea in the region of ​​Akrotiri. It is located in the northeastern Akrotiri, after the village of Chordaki, about 20 km outside of Chania. The name Seitan means Cursed in Turkish and it refers to the strong currents of the waters.

What makes this beach exquisite is its special rock formation, three parallel narrow coves, and the clear blue color of its waters. The morphology of the rocks allows for high dives. Always very carefully!

It is described as a magical place and it seems that really no photo can deliver its grandeur. The beach has gravel and sand and, while it is located in a rather inaccessible place, in recent years it has become a widely known destination for visitors to Crete.

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