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Distance from Heraklion: 144 km

Activities: Museums, monuments

Visits all year round

Port – Airport

Amenities: Accommodation, food, nightlife

Chania, the capital city of the prefecture of Chania, is situated in northwestern Crete. The city of Chania is divided into two separate parts: the Old and the New City.

The old city is built around the Venetian port and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. In various parts of the old city the traveler can find many samples of all the civilizations that have passed from it. The ancient city was centered on Kastelli Hill, a natural fortress by the port fortified by walls that surrounded the citadel, which has been inhabited since the late Neolithic Times. Here one can see the palace of the High Commissioner of the Cretan State, as well as archeological sites that date back to the Minoan era. In the picturesque alleys of the old city there are many taverns and cafés overlooking the port or one of the many small churches located in the area.

A little further to the south from the square of the Cathedral Temple of Virgin Mary (Trimartyri), there is the New Stores Square, which forms the boundary of the new city. The official name of the square is Square 1866. The square was named in honor of the great Cretan revolution (1866-1869) against the Ottomans. The shops of the city have been located there since the early 20th century, while today there are also quite a lot of quaint shops and small traditional cafés. There are also urban and intercity bus stations.

There are countless sightseeing options in Chania, as well as mountains and villages that will give you a glimpse into the wider life of Crete.

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